I really don't like it when:

Monday, May 3, 2010

I don't appreciate some people who think they know everything..

You know the type.

The ones who give you advice about how to live your life when either they:

A. Haven't experienced it and have no clue what I'm going through.
B. Are just comparing my situation to theirs and don't realize that I am a completely different person and I handle things much differently than them.
C. Expect me to be a certain way and do certain things when that is NOT me at all.

It's super frustrating sometimes, I'm telling you!

I just want to cut everyone** off for a little bit and just do things my own way. With no pressure. No nagging. No questions! No stares.

It's getting slightly annoying.

I'm sorry. But really.

**not everyone... and I really do respect and listen to opinions and suggestions but sometimes it gets a little too much to handle.. you know?

1 comment:

Janeal said...

funny that you should write this! I'm having the same frustration.

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