Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i make all sorts of lists

to do today lists
list of classes to take
lists of favorite artists
lists of rides at disneyland
more recently list of ideas of birthday items to purchase
lists of reasons why to do or not to do something

i even made a list of things i wanted to blog about.

i'm currently sitting here with said list

and nothing appeals to me

wedding gown trends
favorite artwork from the book i recieved for my bday
whether to grow out or chop my hair
stories of general conference
random work stories
current ramblings
super nintendo
chicken salad sandwiches and reception opinions

this list continues

perhaps i will get around to the things on my bloggers list

but for now

i enjoy listening to my dishwasher

and trying to get rid of this dreadful headache. boo.

what would you like to hear about?

maybe that'll help me narrow it down and not feel so overwhelmed

k thanks, bye.

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