Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I don't know if any of you have heard of this fun group game.

One person leaves the room while the group comes up with a verb.

It can be anything.

Anything from popping a zit, to brushing your teeth, to running, to opening Christmas presents...

After you've chosen your verb, the person comes back in and asks yes or no questions replacing the verb with the word smurf.

example: How often do you smurf? Do you use anything specific to smurf?.. etc.

Through asking questions the guesser can determine what the verb is. it gets pretty hilarious sometimes. And sometimes you find things out about people that you normally don't ask or tell.

Well, on sunday evening we played this game at my house. The group chose the verb kissing. My little brother was the one to go out of the room.

If any of you know my little brother.. You know how awkward and creative this boy is. He is wonderful.

He comes back in and is asking the usual questions

Have you ever smurfed?
How often do you smurf?
Do you need another person to smurf?

After going around asking people usual questions, things started to get interesting

**side note** You need to know that boyfriend was sitting across the room from me. I was secretly praying the brother would guess the verb before things get awkward.

But you know my luck...

Things had to get awkward.

He kept going around now asking questions such as:

Does your dad help you to smurf?

Do you smurf in the shower?

Then he gets to boyfriend.

Have you ever smurfed in this room?

The room busts up laughing

Brother turns to me.

Have YOU ever smurfed in this room?

By this time Erin is BRIGHT red. (because... if you know me AT ALL I am not the type to share kissing stories. especially in front of strangers. especially in front of family. And I just get really weirded out talking PDA/Kissing/Affection in general.)

Everyone BUSTS up laughing..

My brother knew what the verb was OF COURSE but he had to keep going and ask us that question..

It was VERY embarassing. And it is now the butt of all jokes.

We'll be sitting cuddling in a group of friends...

Hey, you two, have you guys ever smurfed in THIS room?...


the end.

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karalynn said...

hahaha sooo hilarious! i love this game! remember, do you smurf at the gym? ha embaaaarrassing

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