My Someday Wishlist

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Naturally, I made a birthday wishlist.

Because my birthday is in 27 days. Holy moly.

Anyhow. All this wishlist-making is making me want to make more wishlists.. and since I can't have it all right now...

I decided to make myself a

"Someday Wishlist"

This list consists of:

1. A Size 4 dress from Anthropologie or Banana Republic. (because someday I will be a size 4..)
2. Annual passes to Disneyland, and being able to go at my leisure.
3. A beautiful yard to go with my adorable and cosy home
4. Enough money.
5. A dreamy Husband
6. Perfect Children
7. Red Lipstick and lovely days to wear it.
8. Chhristian Louboutin heels in nude(or cream)

I'm sure I will think up more things for my list later. But thought I'd share the vitals now. :)

What's on your someday-wishlist?

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