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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I really wish I would have looked up this website before the roadtrip to California.

3 bathrooms where we stopped were dee-sgust-ing.

1. Some Maverick gas station bathroom in Winnemucca. Stunk. And had cleaning supplies strewn all over which obviously were not used.

2. Some random side street rest area gas station bathroom somewhere in between Sacramento and Reno. SICK. Not only did it stink, but there was graffiti everywhere!

3. On the way home we didn't want to stop at that same Maverick so we kept going to the rest stop (never a good idea) Those bathrooms were just weird! The toilet was so low to the ground there was no need for a stall door, and the little things were metal!

I'm sorry but bathrooms need to meet a certain criteria.

1. They must have working/operating toilets, sinks, etc. And must be well stocked!

2. The floor must look like it's been mopped/cleaned in the last 24 hours. If I feel gross walking on the tiled floor, it is not okay

3. Must be well lit.

4. It must smell nice! If not smelling nice at least have no odor.

5. It wouldn't hurt to have a sitting room like at the Conference center or Nordstrom! Goodness.

All those nasty bathrooms I had to experience did help me draw out a floorplan of "the perfect bathroom", however. So that did take up a good half hour of the 12 hour drive.. But still.

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