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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chase and I started a tradition after we got married.  We have a little breakfast in bed, and make our goal list for each of us individually, and goals we want to accomplish together.  His are more goals, mine are kind of more bucket list items.


Get straight A's (he will have no problem with that.  He's only ever had one B and it was his high school credit that transferred over... makes me sick!  my motto is C's get degrees! ;)

Get a Scholarship

Be Healthy. (aka, Big Muscles)

Run a 5k with Erin  (I learned yesterday that he was in track in high school?  What? I had no idea!)


Be Healthy & take better care of myself.  This one is a daily struggle, but I'm working on it!

Design & Sew a dress for myself.  This one has been on my bucket list forrrevvverrr and this year I will finally do it!

Design a completed paper kit to submit.

Open an Etsy Shop

Run a 5k.  This is partly to motivate me to exercise and train.  I can barely run one lap around the track.. Pathetic, I know!

Daily Personal Scripture STUDY not just reading.

Create more ART.  So far so good on that one.  I recently rediscovered my love of watercolor paints and I cannot put them down!  So far I've just been playing and haven't really made any 'finished' artwork, so that's the next step.. Create FINISHED art.  ;)

Stop worrying (this is a whole other story)


Travel!  We have a couple trips planned; one for sure to Disneyland, and tentatively one to Japan this summer.  Japan was never ever (still isn't) on my 'Places I must visit' list, but we might have the opportunity this year, so why not?  We will know in a few weeks if that is going to be a thing or not!  I'll let y'all know.

Weekly planned date nights & Monthly temple dates

Daily Family Prayer & Scriptures.  It's the small things that matter most, people!


I have always loved setting goals.  The new year brings new possibilities and opportunities to better ourselves.  I love it!  Happy happy new year, everyone!  I hope 2014 is filled with love, safety, adventures and so much happiness!

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