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Friday, January 10, 2014

So, around 2 or so months ago, my blow dryer smelled funny.  (first red flag)  I thought I shouldn't use it but decided to anyway, and that I would replace it that weekend.  (bad idea!)

I used the blow dryer like normal.. (I usually only blow dry my bangs/part in place so that it doesn't go crazy while the rest air dries.)

^^^just a few days before 'the accident' :)
A few hours later, I ran my fingers through my bang area to put some hair behind my ears when I realized my hair felt a little funny.  I didn't think anything of it until the NEXT DAY when my hair still felt funny.  I thought maybe I got too much hairspray in one part... nope.  I went and looked in the mirror to investigate.  Sure enough, my hair was BURNED.  It seriously felt like a ton of hair wadded up into a little ratted nest.  It's horrible.  And it's right on the top of my head.  No hiding it, and no cutting it off unless I wanted an ultra short pixie!

I immediately went to Sally's (after throwing away my blow dryer), and bought a new blow dryer.  I also bought a new heat protector spray, coconut oil, Moroccan oil spray, and a deep conditioner treatment.  I was religious about putting coconut oil in my hair every night before bed, spraying my hair with Moroccan oil, not using my blow dryer (and when I did, only using the COOL setting) ....And you know what?  It worked okay, but nothing was making my hair feel even remotely normal again.

BUT for Christmas, I got some Marrakesh Leave-In Conditioner and it is A.MA.ZING.  Seriously.  My hair still feels burned, but not QUITE as burned feeling.  I just spray that in my damp hair, and let it for the most part air dry, and then use my cool setting to blow dry... my hair feels almost normal!  It's a big deal, guys.  Plus it makes the rest of my hair feel amazing and super-soft.  I love it!

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