awkward family photos: wedding edition

Monday, January 13, 2014

Okay so this post is a year late.  Enjoy it either way!  I just found these pictures on my mom's computer and I was crying laughing so hard!  I didn't remember most of this stuff.  :)

I also have no clue who took these pictures.  I'm assuming my little brother did.  He has a way of taking pictures without anyone knowing! 

Rudy aka my dad's favorite child trying out a photo booth prop^^^

^^^Maya's turn.  I call her 'Dobby the house dog'... don't her ears look like they could belong to a house elf?.... 

^^^aaaand grandma's turn... haha.

flower madness^^^  About 15 minutes after this picture was taken, Chase walked in with flowers for me (While I was holding my bouquet).  He held them behind his back while I raved and raved about my flowers and then he pulled out the little bunch of dyed carnations....  I felt terrible.  But I loved them. I just love him so much.  He's so thoughtful.  :)

^^^I didn't end up using the dahlia.  It was too purple.  But look how pretty it is anyway.  And that Stock?  I'm dying. 

all of my favorites were incorporated in my bouquet.  I am still swooning over this bad boy^^


^^^who knows what's happening here.... Chase is a goofball! 

^^^Trying to give directions to his mother.. :)  Our breakfast was at the beautiful Gardens at Dry Creek in Lehi.  Suzie is amazing!

^^^My turn to give directions!  Chase is ready for the day to be over... Hahah!  

^^^Me 'n' ma best girl friendssss!  (said like the mom on Mean Girls... :)


^^^My aunt is so cute.  Here she is insisting she get in some pictures of my ring on the bouquet while the photographers/videographers are trying to get in on this......little moments I want to remember :)

^^^ My Mom and Jordan Makin sharing some laughs. 

^^^You can see it in his eyes.  He is scheming..... 

That's when I went in for the kiss and he LICKED my face.  Thanks for that, Husband! 

^^This was the "Chase's Immediate family" picture.... the guy on the far right looks a little out of place, though, doesn't he?  Oh, don't worry.  I have no idea who he is.  I think he's a cousin or something... he's also in all the professional immediate family photos.  And nobody had the heart to say anything!  HAHA.  I'm dying!!! 

So glad my cute cousin Rachel and her husband were able to come!  I'm going to share a sweet story about Rachel soon.  :)

Thanks for tuning in!  

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