year one.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today we have been married one year.  

On one hand, it feels like we haven't been married long at all.  On the other hand, it feels like we've been married much longer than a year.  It is the craziest thing!

We have loved being married.  We have learned a lot, and have grown a lot.  I can't wait for many more years with this handsome man.  I definitely married up!  He is so ambitious, hard working, and has a strong testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He is so nerdy (in the best way possible), and is very loving and helpful.  Gosh, I love him so much!

Enough of being mushy.

Some highlights from our first year:

Getting a calling in the nursery.  It has been the BEST serving in there with Chase.  At first he was nervous about hanging out with the little stinkers, but we both immediately fell in love.  They are the sweetest kids.  The sweetest thing is watching Chase hold the babies when they cry.  Ugh makes my uterus hurt.  :)  I'm only a little baby hungry haha.

Going to Las Vegas for Chase's first time.  We both gambled $2 each and promptly lost all $4.  We've decided it's more fun to gamble away our nickles at Nickle City! :)

Going to Disneyland on our official Honeymoon in May.  It was SO fun going just the two of us..  And it was awesome being there on May the Fourth. .. as in May the fourth be with you. (get it? :) We are big Star Wars fans. 

Welcoming home my little sister from her mission to Dallas, and sending off both of our brothers on missions.  Mine is serving in Tallahassee, and his is in Tulsa.. And his sister will be leaving in February for Chile!  We love the full-time missionaries!

Going to NYC and DC with my family before Evan left on his mission.  Fao Shawtz... Haha. (inside joke).  On this trip I learned about Chase's obsession with giant candy.  He still wants a giant gummy bear!  He's a little kid at heart.  Haha! 

I rarely call him Chase.  I call him baby, and when he's "in trouble" I call him honey.  I NEVER thought I would be one of those that uses pet names.  Especially baby.  Typing it out makes me feel gross.  Haha, but seriously It's not that bad when it's just us, I promise.  And it's definitely not as bad as my parents.  When they were first married, my dad called my mom Boojie Woojie. Oh my.  
**Sometimes instead of punctuation after a text, I accidentally end the text with "b" instead of "!" So it will look like this:  Hey when do you get off work b
And bless Chase's heart, he thought b was short for baby, so now he's started calling me b.  Hahah.  These are the things I want to remember in 50 years. 

We enjoyed so many dates.  Our favorites are going to Hale Center Theater, Nickle City, Mini Golf (Pass of All Passes!), and playing Nancy Drew. (Guilty Pleasure.  Haha!)

 Love you Chase!  I'm the luckiest girl. 

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