Who is Me?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

the gal who wants Christian Louboutin pumps. Just one pair?

the gal who secretly wants to live in NYC someday

the lady who is going to be a wedding gown designer.

the gal who has so much fun just holding blank white paper imagining what to doodle on it

the girl who loves crackers. and frosting. not together.

the gal who thinks the 40's was super chic

the gal who loves Harry Potter

the gal who just loves to dress up, for any and every occasion.

the one who loves oldies. Jo Stafford has a stunning voice.


Ashley S. Harmon said...

You're awesome, Erin. ;)

Losee's said...

Your blog makes me laugh...p.s. I love Harry Potter too.

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