Old Maid

Monday, June 8, 2009

I feel like I'm in Junior High all over again.

Seriously, though!
(I think I was 19 in the picture)

In Jr. High:

You don't quite fit in with the elementary school friends(people don't really have friends that young at that age--I hung out with my sister, so I did...) And you don't dare talk to the older kids because they're too scary.

You hear all sorts of things about High School and how you need to be "serious about what your school work" because in 9th grade "it all counts". What on earth did THAT mean?..

You didn't know quite what to expect with boys. You read into everything, and analyzed EVERY little thing.. (ie. *gasp* he looked at me. He must want to "go out" with me.) And what was "going out", anyway? I never really knew. I just nodded and smiled when asked about it, pretending like I grew up knowing the term.

At 22:

All my guy friends are interested in the "elementary age girls" (now 18-19) and all my girl friends are past the 18-19 stage and are married. I am the awkward 22 year old girl who isn't married or on a mission. In Utah terms, I am the "old maid". (side note: I never dreamed I would be an old maid. I just laugh thinking about this and how I honestly don't feel old. anyway..)

You must know about where you're going in life. (something I hate is when people have expectations for me too. hmm.)

The following conversation often occurs:

"So, are you in school?"
"Oh? What is your major?"
"Fashion Design"
"huh... And what exactly do you plan on doing with that?"
(I've got this part memorized)"I would like to open my own store designing Bridal gowns"
"oh, cool..."

Even though it may seem like I do know where I'm going, there are so many different routes I want to take! It's insane. If I've learned anything in my education experiences it's not to make official plans until the time comes, and just to take things one step at a time. Life seems to be much happier that way.

So back up off me! I've got things under control.

I STILL don't know what to expect with boys. I read into things way too much, still. I don't think I'll ever figure that one out.. Again with the whole, "taking things as they come" deal.

But do you see what I mean? The Old Maid age is terrible. Of course it has it's wonderful points, too. To Be Continued...


Ashley S. Harmon said...

Ooh, yes. It's sad how "Old Maid" means you're in your twenties and unwed. (Who started THAT trend??) I think you're on the right path, Erin. :) You'll find a guy who isn't trying to cradle snatch and fall in love. ;)

Ecuadmail said...

HA! Someone who KNOWS boys are more complicated than the public thinks we are.

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