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Saturday, June 6, 2009

I became a fan of the idea of dating since I was little. Watching DJ and Steve (from Full House) go on dates and have a lot of fun together made me really excited for the day I would turn 16 and have my turn to date cute boys like Steve.

I had a lot of ideas of how my first dating experiences would be, too. I would be walking down the hall and a cute boy would catch my eye and the whole slow-motion-eye-contact-hair-blowing-in-the-wind moment would happen... Or my favorite, the moment I turned 16 I thought the boys would be lining up down the street to ask me out!

I was SO wrong.

16th Birthday. Got my driver's license. That was about it. No boys. No lining up down the street. Boo.

Fast forward 6 months.



It all started in my Astronomy class. I'm sitting there, talking about the Homecoming dance with the cute boy sitting next to me, when the shy not so cute boy in front of me turns around and asks, "WHAT?! You haven't been asked to Homecoming yet?!"... followed by a "hmmmm"..

I should have known what was coming.

That night. I was asked to Homecoming. By a boy who I didn't know. I recognized the name, however.

Long story short, I said yes.


Said boy comes to pick me up. We (just the two of us) go out to his little 2-door ghetto car and he drives me to Walmart. Yes, Walmart... To get me a fishing license. that's right ladies and gents. FISHING.

I'd never been fishing before either. 2 firsts.

we then squish into his friend's truck with his date.. so there's friend, friend's date and I in the front seat and my date is in the back. lovely.

So we get up to the "fishing lake" {more like a large pond} in the middle of nowhere up the canyon, and the other couple we were with decided to go sit on the picnic blanket and just start kissing. 1. gross. 2. PDA 3. Seriously right now?! I'm on a blind-ish date right now!! Do not do this to me!!

Then, my date proceeds to try to teach me how to fish.. You know, the whole arm-around-the-girl-holding-my-hands-onto-the-fishing-pole crap! try being the key word here.. I just flipped out a little and said ...You know, I think I'll just watch you.. So I went and sat by the makey-outers. (they had stopped at this point) And waited for everyone to be done "fishing".

Long story short, boy dropped me off, and instead of getting ready for the actual dance, I cried. I was horrified. I hated the day, I was mortified that a boy that I hardly knew was hitting on me and I was scared to go to the dance portion with this boy. But, instead of faking the ebola virus, I decided to just go and make the best of it. After all, I had bought a new dress for it!

.fastforward to the dance portion of the date.

I get all dolled up and he comes to pick me up. He tells me we're going to Applebee's {love it!} and so I thought that it wouldn't be so bad! After dinner we headed to the dance {i was SO excited to see friends there, and show off my hot black gown too!}. I danced 3 songs while my date sat on a bench and waited, he hated dancing.. So after I got my dancing in, we went and took our pictures for the date. And left. We all went back to said boy's house. dun dun dun!! And decided to watch a movie before having to take the ladies home. I chose The Emporer's New Groove, which everyone agreed was a good pick. 5 minutes into the movie, and of course the makey-outers start doin their makey-outy-ness {sick.}

Said date boy: "Heyyy, erin. Come sit by me here on this love seat!"
Erin: Uh... No, I think I'll sit on the floor, thanks. Oh. And I have to be home by 11pm.

So, promptly at 10:55, I broke up the makey-outers and remind everyone I had to leave {lie} and they took me home. I thanked the boy, gave him the ol' high five and went in my door.

I then cried myself to sleep.

What a wonderful first impression on dating. I think it scarred me for life a little bit.


anna mae said...

ewin :( i didn't know you cried. i wouldn't of teased you so.. but don't you worry. prince charming is just around the riverbend (:

Ashley S. Harmon said...

Aw, goodness. What a first date! Just goes to show how the media twists our expectations...

Well, I have something to share: My grandparents met on a blind date, dated afterwards, fell madly in love and got married. I went on my first blind date and the boy would barely look at me, let alone talk to me. I thought I'd done something wrong, but that's just how it goes sometimes. :P

I hope you can laugh about your experience now! It sure is a "cute" story, albeit rather horrific for you to recount. Thank you for sharing!

Tess said...

First dates AND blind dates are awkward, but put them together and it's just awful. This is Tess by the way!

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