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Monday, November 18, 2013

I stumbled across UVU's YouTube Channel a little while ago.  One of the playlists is featuring the women's success lectures(which you can view HERE).  Seriously they are interesting and uplifting.  Maybe that's just me... who's to say?  Check them out and see for yourself.

One of the videos really struck a chord with me.

This woman told us about how one day she was talking to an accomplished neighbor of hers.  They were talking about work, and the neighbor asked why she hadn't gone back to school.  The woman had been working a $10/hour, 9-5 job to help support all the things her kids would need.  (missions, school, getting married, etc.) She said they just couldn't afford to send her back to school at the moment.

(What the neighbor responded with really hit me: I'm paraphrasing, FYI)

You need to invest in yourself if you really want to invest in your kids.  I make probably l0-15 times what you do an hour.  Tell me who has the greatest flexibility with their schedule to be with the family and tell me who is going to make the biggest impact on their family! 

She then goes on to talk about how that was a big slap in the face and how she immediately went back to school to invest in herself so that she could invest in her kids and her family!

I love that she uses the word invest.  When we invest in something, we make a little sacrifice now to gain a bigger return later.  

That same day I signed up for classes.  I have been thinking that I need to go back, but I didn't feel like it was the right time for our family quite yet.  After Chase and I talked about it and crunched some numbers, I am now registered for some generals I kept putting off before.  I only have 2 semesters until I get my associates, and then another 3-4 until I get my Bachelors Degree.  Seriously, I can't wait.  I know it will be a sacrifice now.  I want to do it to be an example to my future kids, too.  I don't want the excuse "well, mom didn't finish college!"... So I need to finish!  You have to invest in yourself if you want to invest in your kids.  (Or if you want your kids to invest in themselves!)

Happy Monday!

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Kati said...

That's awesome, proud of you Erin!

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