wedding receptions: Do's and Don'ts.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

  • If you are a parent of the groom/bride, DON'T pull aside old-girl/boyfriends and tell them they're sorry it didn't work out with you and their son/daughter.

  • When a single-girl guest at the reception it's okay to NOT include yourself in the boquet-catch with all the bride/groom's 5-15 year old nieces/cousins/sisters etc.

  • If you are the bride, DON'T glare at all the groom's friends who happen to be girls. He already chose you. Don't give death glares please.

  • If you're the bride/groom DO smile. It's your wedding day! And a lot of people came to see you, so be cheery. If you're not cheery then fake it! Your guests will apreciate it, I promise.

couple pictured: Josh and Libby Tenney. I love them
that's all for now, thanks for tuning in. reception picture from here

1 comment:

Ashley S. Harmon said...

Great list! I'll be sure to keep all of those in mind. :)

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