Paris: in a nutshell

Friday, August 31, 2012

the most comfortable sleep i had the entire trip: Paris. Hotel Secret de Paris

the jet tub lit up!

Oh hey, Moulin Rouge!

first view of the Louvre!

Notre Dame.

it's even more spectacular in person. sigh.

okay. the Eiffel tower is HUGE in real life.  I was not expecting that.

we got roses at church!  It was so sweet.

wear red lipstick in Paris: check!

this is the best pic I got of me in front of the Mona Lisa... I refused to take my left hand off of my bag (there were 'beware of pickpocket' signs everywhere) and there were so many people pushing it was impossible to get a decent shot!.. so here ya go.

their version of Diet Coke.. It wasn't great, but it was a special treat while I was in Europe.  I had it 3 times!

Eiffel Tower + view of Paris from my airport hotel.
I had this room all to myself! It was so nice to unwind and just be alone for a few hours before my flight back to the states at 5 am the next morning!

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