i was really really nervous to visit Paris. for various reasons. i won't get into that here. but, after sticking around for a few days Paris completely won me over.  i had a fantastic experience and have been gushing about it every chance i get! Paris made me want to be holding hands with someone the entire time... it explodes with romantic vibes...is that just me? who knows. who cares! every corner is filled with character and every part is so charming. the people are much nicer than they get credit for! i didn't encounter one rude person while i was there.  i only learned a few key phrases while i was there... bonjour, au revoir, and merci...hopefully next time i will be able to communicate a little bit more.  thank heavens Parisians for the most part spoke english! and.. if it wasn't so darn expensive to visit i would be all over that at least once a year.  i made a promise to myself that i will go back soon. i have to.  it was that good. 


Paris, you have won my heart!

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