Fashion Remix 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

made of tile!

Whitney and I--this was the team I was on

best in show and people's choice..It lit up!


this one is made of 3Form

it was a huge success, I felt like a celebrity getting to chill in the VIP area, with people coming around with trays of hors d'œuvres.  It was very fancy!  Most of the models were really nice.  Like, 89%. 

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Jalene said...

wow! this is fancy.

was this lady gaga themed or something? they look like something she would wear. haha

Erin Marie said...

I know! I kept thinking that all night. So this is sponsored by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), and we all have to create a costume/outfit using interior design products. Our team had carpet fiber, other teams had upholstery fabric, linoleum, tile, 3 form... it's insane!

Go Go Gomez said...

Thanks for sharing the pics Erin!!! Love them!!! You are the best!!

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