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Monday, December 1, 2014

I have just been thinking a lot lately.  You probably read my post about my mini midlife crisis(I was blown away by all the support and love.  I loved reading each comment and actually wrote them all in my journal.  I'm weird like that.  But seriously, thank you so much!  It means the world to know that you guys have faith in me and my pursuit of whatever might happen next.)

Here's the deal.  I still feel a little bit stuck.  I feel a little bit lost.  I know it takes time, but I don't like the stuck & lost phase.  I hate it, actually.  Chase will tell you.

I know who I am and I know what I like to do, but it's the figuring out how-that-translates-into-a-career thing that is the trickiest part.  I've taken a few quizzes online (Chase makes fun of me, but I think they're fun), and it's really interesting to me that most of them tell me I should be a teacher, nurse, politician.... the biggest underlying theme seems to be that I want to help people.  I already knew that without taking any silly quiz..  My biggest motivator is I want to feel like I am making a meaningful difference and I want to help people.

I feel like I have tried a whole bunch of things that at the time felt like such a good fit, and they've all been teaching me and preparing me for something bigger and more purposeful, but I just don't know what the next thing is.  Is there something I'm missing? (Mom, don't say have babies!  That will happen when it's supposed to!)  And maybe I just need to slow down and do nothing for awhile... Which is fine, but anyone that knows me knows that I can't just sit and do nothing... ;) 

Who else has been here?  How did you get un-stuck?
How did you figure out what you wanted to do with your life?
What are some things you tried to help you figure out what you wanted to do? 

It is kind of an exciting time.  I get to do whatever I want and be whatever I want to be!  But what?

Seriously, though!  I would love to hear from you.  Please take the time to share some thoughts and insights,  I would truly love it.  Either comment below or email me: marierin@gmail.com

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