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Thursday, September 24, 2009

You know when you're distracted doing something.. (in this case it was browsing realsimple.com--love it!)
Well, when I 'came to' I had the tv on, and the channel it was on was some weird program about avelanches, and the host of the show had this crazy thick irish accent! And now I'm completely intrigued by it...
the way he says "glacier"---glay-cee-err (roll the R at the end)
I'm going to have to shut off the computer and then force myself to shut off the tv and go to bed.
This irish accent is trapping me in... I'm not even interested in watching anything about glay-cee-errs or avelanches or anything of the sort.
Stupid attractive accents..
Oh. and the host isn't even cute, either!
If it was Oliver Wood, that'd be a different story!!....

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marierin said...

OH ps.. the show is called "10 things you didn't know about avelanches"... On the national geographic channel.. yup....

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