why i never use lol

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I've never been a fan.

I have alwasys thought it looks really funny. 

and who really does laugh out loud?  I'd rather just say hahahahahah over and over... it just has a more natural effect than lol to me...



looks like The Green Lantern's symbol. (turned sideways)

doesn't it?

and it could be confused with other sayings...
lots of love being one of them
my friend told me about this one time when this lady's uncle passed away..

and she got a card that said

"So sorry for your loss, lol"


Hope you don't get people confused with your acronym texts!


kara lynn said...

i definitely dislike it when people use lol. especially boys. really now...

Ashley said...

Erin, I completely, whole heartedly agree. HAHAHAHA just shows more expression & what you are actually doing. If someone uses LOL or haha in their text for no reason at all I often choose not to text back.

Suzie said...

this is very thought provoking.

I have no use for lol in my life and don't care for it at all, but I find myself in a quandry because I tend to use emoticons and think they add feeling to my text.
Hypocritical, no?

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